During the year 2005 there entered in service the pilot boat "Txeratxu". Now the Corporation has three boats of last generation, necessary for the piloting in the Port of Pasajes, of high speed and prepared to sail in the most extreme conditions of weather with the consequent investing effort.

These three Pilot Boats have been built by the prestigious Sibiril ship-yards, which for many years has supplied a good number of launches for the pilotage associations of several French ports. The robust hull, made of polyester reinforced with fibre glass by Halmatic, had previously been imported from England in case of the first two boats, not this way that of the last boat, which has been made by the own shipyards.

Today and although it seems a bit paradoxical by the modesty of Pasages in relation to capacity and traffic volumen, we are at the same level of the best European ports regarding pilot ship's fleet.

The tough work conditions, the requirements of the users concerning the agility of the service in a port with one channel for alternative traffic and the Association's restructuring and quality objectives have forced us to accelerate the change. The Pilot's Corporation of Pasajes is equipped with one landing stage for the Pilot's embarking and disembarking.

Hull Reinforced polyester Reinforced polyester
Power 2 x 315 2 x 320
Speed 22 knots 21 knots
Year 2001 2005
Length 10.85 11.90
Beam 3.80 3.65
Depth 1.80 1.65